Welcome to the website of Marjan de Haer

“Harpmusic with the natural sound of days gone by”

By playing a harp for which the composer intended his work, the music naturally comes to life.
The passion to achieve this has led to a special collection of original- and replica harps.
With compassion and joy I play these harps in concerts with music from 1550 till now.

Please enjoy some music:

J. Rossini “Asisa a pie d’un salice ” Julia Lezhneva Anima Eterna olv G. Antonini

Harptype: Single action harpe
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Fluit harp concert in C Major K299;


Harptype: Barok of tripel harp
Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow;

-Herr wen Ich nur dich habe: 3 ” aria Hab Ich nur dich. Mein Gott.”

Harptype: Érard Gotic
Shéhérezade op. 35 van N. Rimski-Korsakov;

-2 Le récit du prince Kalender

Harptype: Single action harpe
André-Ernest-Modeste Grétry -La Caravane du Caire Acte 2;

-“Nous sommes nées pour l’esclavage”
-Danse générale
-Danse de femmes