Marjan studied the harp at the conservatories of Tilburg, Maastricht and Arnhem,
with Cecille Cooymans, Theresia Rieu and Manja Smits.
She followed masterclasses given by Mariëlle Nordmann, Isabelle Moretti,
Germaine Lorenzini and Natalia Shameyva (Bolshoi theatre)
During her study she worked with various professional orchestras in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

After her study Marjan de Haer has specialised in authentic harps, especially the Erard single action and double action harps.

On these instruments she plays with period instrument orchestras such as Anima
Eterna, Freiburger Barock Orchester, Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Brandenburger
Barockorchester, les Agrémens, Concerto Köln, die Kölner Akademie, Collegium
Cartusianum,Accademia Amsterdam, Concerto Amsterdam and La Goya.

In 2005 Anima Eterna, conducted by Jos van Immerseel, released a CD of Mozart Concertos
on which Frank Theuns and Marjan de Haer play the Flute and Harp Concerto.
It has received wide critical acclaim (CD of the month in Grammaphon, Goldberg) and many
awards including a Diapason d’Or .

With Anima Eterna, Concerto Köln and Accademia Amsterdam she played the harpconcert of
G.F. Haendel in France, Belgium Germany and the Netherlands.
Concerts were given on a replica Welsh tripel harp ( John Richards- R.Thurau).
On a single action harp she performed the double concerto for flute and harp of W.A.Mozart.
Concerts were given in France, Spain, Germany and Belgium with Anima Eterna, Freiburger
Barock Orchester, Les Agrémens and Brandenburger Barockorchester.
The danses sacrée et profane for harp and string Orchester from C. Debussy she played with
Anima Eterna in France and Belgium on a Erard double action harp.

Chamber music
On the various harps from her collection she plays concerts with chamber music from the
period of the instruments.
In the last years she has played C.Debussy, M.Ravel, S.Neukomm, L.E.Jadin, F.Strauss,
F.Nadermann,C.Bochsa and others in authentic performances.
She also loves to play solo recitals.

Tripel harp
Since a few years Marjan is performing baroque music on a Welsh tripel and an Italian tripel
harp.She played Basso Continuo in several concerts, operas and recordings.

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